Can I get a job with that design degree?

Good question! It’s always been challenging to do so, but it’s harder than ever right now. As mentioned in the “About” page, there are more design graduates than there are traditional design jobs. You have to be creative in your search and open-minded in your thinking. I have a lecture on this very topic scheduled for later in the semester, but I came across an article that I want you to read now. Because you shouldn’t wait til the end of the semester, when graduation is upon you, to plan your approach and prepare for the job hunt.

In a column for Communication Arts, RitaSue Siegel lays out some possibilities and some real-people examples of what direction a career path can take. Read it and be inspired for the possibilities!

The AIGA website also has a nice interactive article on Advice for Emerging Designers, created by Lynda Decker. Click on the numbers to read more on the listed advice.

Good Jobs!

And Women! (from an old letterpress poster photographed at Hatch Show Print)


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