Spring Work, not Break

Today we’re having a lecture on Book Design and on Grids. It’s somewhat of an overview/inspiration to get you thinking more about what you will do with your book. The readings to complete over the next week and a half are:

“You Can Judge a Book by its Cover,” from HOW Magazine. In the Box.

On book design:

And, on grids:

There is also an updated calendar schedule in the Box. Don’t forget that your outlines and your initial comps (3 sets) are due Monday after Spring Break. Ironically, that is also the Ides of March. So, avoid critique assassination and come prepared!


5 responses to “Spring Work, not Break

  1. On my quest to figure out how to use ratios to make grids, I have found this website that can help you calculate grid layouts based on the golden ratio.

  2. Great, please list the URL for what you found.

  3. Christina Nyce

    On the subject of grids… this is a little tool I found that adds grids to websites. The grid shows up when you tap G on the keyboard, I thought it was kind of cool! http://hashgrid.com/
    also in use on this designer’s site:

  4. This is neat, I bookmarked it thanks!

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