AVT 498: Senior Design Project is the capstone class for the Art and Visual Technology major, Graphic Design concentration, at George Mason University.

I welcome all readers, but this blog is for the students and it is to them that the posts are addressed.

My name is Anne Kerns. I am an adjunct instructor at GMU. I have taught this course since Fall 2006, except for a hiatus in Fall 2008. Since 1991 I have been a practicing graphic designer, specializing in print design. If you want to know more about me, Google me. (At the time of this writing, seven of the top ten links were me.)

This is a rigorous course, worth four credits. It’s not easy and it will demand your brain, your body, and your time. What you make of it is up to you and how much you give it, both in quality and quantity. I know many of you have other classes and even jobs. You must consider your available time to be a parameter of your projects. All design is problem solving within constraints.

Graphic design is not a career suited to everyone, and it is not an easy path, especially in a society that graduates more graphic design students than there are jobs to be filled. However, if you want it badly enough and you have or develop a bit of talent, you can achieve a successful career in design or its related disciplines. It starts with hard work, smart thinking, and a lifelong commitment to learning.

Within the confines of this course I will do my best to teach you as much as you can absorb about many aspects of design. I will also provide resources and links to broaden your knowledge base. You can check out my Delicious bookmarks at any time.

Thank you for reading. The syllabus will be posted to box.net (to the right) when it is ready.