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Back from Break

Good critiques this week, folks, thanks. Don’t forget, visit the flickr group to give and get additional feedback.

Although there was a previous post on pairing typefaces, Hoefler & Frere-Jones just this week released an email newsletter addressing that topic. You can find it online. And speaking of email newsletters from type foundries, you should sign up for them—all you can find—because they frequently contain interesting and educational info on type.

Sign up:

Just a reminder that Wednesday’s lecture on intellectual property and copyright is summarized in a post from last semester, with links to more info.

Layout for the first fourth of your book is due Monday. Bring in printouts for peer critiques (I will circulate during class.) Manuscripts are due Wednesday, March 24.


Spring Work, not Break

Today we’re having a lecture on Book Design and on Grids. It’s somewhat of an overview/inspiration to get you thinking more about what you will do with your book. The readings to complete over the next week and a half are:

“You Can Judge a Book by its Cover,” from HOW Magazine. In the Box.

On book design:

And, on grids:

There is also an updated calendar schedule in the Box. Don’t forget that your outlines and your initial comps (3 sets) are due Monday after Spring Break. Ironically, that is also the Ides of March. So, avoid critique assassination and come prepared!

Revised Schedules & Today’s Lecture Topics

Given the missed 2 weeks of classes, I have revised the overall semester schedule, as well as the due dates on both the Brochure and Book projects. New PDFs are in the Box.

We have an ambitious schedule today. In addition to discussing your 10 sketches/approaches, I’m hoping to discuss as much of the following as possible:

  • Binding
  • Paper (grades, mills, companies)
  • PDFs (controlling settings)
  • Utilities (software)
  • Type selection (see previous PDF with foundry links)
  • Image selection (see previous PDF with image source links)
  • Photoshop clipping paths (pen tool)
  • Color selection
  • Colorspace for print (process, spot)
  • Printing Processes

For review/reference to the aforementioned topics, the Box contains these documents for you:

  • AVT498_Binding&Paper.pdf
  • AVT498_PDFs+Util+Color+Printing.pdf

And in preparation for our critique on Wednesday, please download and review the critique guidelines and read the articles that are linked therein.

  • AVT498_Critique.pdf

See you soon!


I know, it’s not a very compelling title.

On the agenda for today: your creative briefs are due. Hopefully you looked at these previous entries I posted last semester, as the info is still good. I hate to be too repetitive on here. And as you know, they must be typed.

We’ll also talk briefly about research techniques, image acquisition (including sources and rights), and design planning.

Bring your sketchbook. You’ll have the 2nd half of class to work.

photo by: SeenyaRita

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image. AttributionNoncommercial

Welcome to Twenty Ten

And welcome to the spring twenty ten blog for AVT498, Senior Design Project. You know why you’re here. This is the last SoA stop before you can graduate, and it will be a fun but challenging ride.

Please check this blog often for supplemental info. Especially for files to download from the box. The “Box” is that gray white widget thing on the right colum. See it? It says “box.” “Files For You.” Yep, that’s it, and there are things in there for you to download. Specifically, these three items are new:

  • AVT498_SyllabusSchedule_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BrochureProject_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BookProject_Spr10.pdf

The other files you can just leave for now. I’ll tell you when it’s time for them.

If you haven’t already, please join Flickr. Once you’ve joined, asked to join the AVT498 group. Then when you have work to post, make sure you “send it” to the Flickr group. Only half of you have gotten there, and you have an exercise due today via that medium. There are 21 posts so far.

Today in class, we’re going to talk about creativity, the creative process, review of the design elements & principles, the design process, creative briefs, concepting, and getting “unstuck” when you’re having a block.


New semester, new blog. Standby…

photo by lucamascaro There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image. AttributionShare Alike

Addendum to the Syllabus, Creativity, and Samples

I forgot to add the Permissions paragraph to your syllabus, so there is a new page 5. It’s in the Box and I’ll be bringing a copy to class for each of you. I also incorporated the agreement text that you need to sign, so you can cut off that half to return to me.

We’re going to talk about creativity today (it’s after midnight, so it’s technically “today”). And the creative process—how you can harness it on demand, which you will need to do with alacrity and regularity as a professional designer. Bosses and clients don’t care if you’re “not feeling it” because that’s what you’ll be getting paid for. (We’ll talk more about nurturing creativity on the 9th, with some exercises from a couple of books.)

We’ll be taking a left brain/right brain quiz, because it helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses, so you can exercise the weaker half. The quiz is here. If you are interested in more on the brain and creativity, check out these TED talks by Jill Bolte and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Creativity will segue to concept and we’ll look at previous semesters’ work and professional examples of design, graciously supplied by the community.

Don’t forget to bring your homework in.