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Hello! I stopped teaching at GMU after Fall 2010, but I’ve decided to leave this blog up indefinitely in case anyone might find value in the posts. (Some links may be dead due to the fluid nature of the web.) … Continue reading

It’s That Time Again

Well, look at that. I never did give that wrap-up post from last spring’s classes, and here it is time for fall classes already. (Apologies to the graduates.)

Well, it’s that time again. The first day of classes is Monday, August 30, and seeing as it’s after midnight, that would be today. The “Box” will be emptied of all things out of date and will be added to as we get to them. Starting with the syllabus, which I will post sometime in the next day or so when I’m sure I’ve got the schedule worked out.

The biggest thing you should know right away is that there is a new book. The bookstore confirmed with me the order, but I’m not sure when they’ll be in. That’s okay, we’ve got enough to keep us busy in the meantime. Starting with the first class… Expect to stay the whole class period. And bring something to take notes with.

Textbook for AVT 498, Fall 2010 at GMU

Textbook for AVT 498, Fall 2010 at GMU

Book Design, by Andrew Haslam is required. subscription, or classroom-in-a-book or the like, is recommended for software training and tutorials.

Okay, then, see you soon!

Candy and Crit

I sent you all a couple of emails… did you receive them? Check your junk folders if you did not. Start with 15 minutes in your sketchbooks today. If you can’t think of anything to draw or doodle, here’s an assignment: draw yourself in your first Halloween costume, or alternatively, any costume, or just you as a kid.

By 2pm, break yourselves into groups of 3 or 4 people to start the critiques. I will be there with candy as soon as possible.


Advice to Students via NY Times

Fall in love with reading! Find your passion! Challenge your preconceptions! Participate! Today’s New York Times online has an interesting collection of short advice essays to students. Although this series is directed at freshmen, there is some good advice here from longtime professors. Check out the whole listing of short articles, and especially read this one. It is appropriate to your project choices this semester.