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And, time’s up!

It’s the end of the semester. Final books were written, designed, produced, and exhibited. And read, graded, and returned. This is it. Some of you are graduating, some have another semester or so to go.

This blog was an experiment—the first time I’ve supplemented the classroom and email communication with an online forum, since I started teaching AVT 498 in Fall 2006. I didn’t post as much as I had hoped, but I never said the blog would be a substitute for class lectures, discussion, and peer interaction. Teaching is a part time job for me, and time management is a struggle at any level. I think maybe the “Box” was the most useful part. But then, I don’t really know since I didn’t get a lot of feedback. Useful? Not?

Well, there’s one last PDF in the box (with live links) as you set out on the next part of your journey. It is, of course, the PDF version of the small booklet I gave you today. If you are job hunting or just inspiration hunting, check it out. I wish you well on your journey. Find out what you’re passionate about, what makes you happy, and the money will follow.

You all inspire me, and I hope you’ll drop me a line once in a while to let me know what you’re up to. Peace Corps, Navy, Freelance, Fashion, Inhouse Design, Photography, Sneaker Design, Human Rights Activist… AWESOME!

New Designer Advice PDF. Download it from the "Box."