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Welcome to Twenty Ten

And welcome to the spring twenty ten blog for AVT498, Senior Design Project. You know why you’re here. This is the last SoA stop before you can graduate, and it will be a fun but challenging ride.

Please check this blog often for supplemental info. Especially for files to download from the box. The “Box” is that gray white widget thing on the right colum. See it? It says “box.” “Files For You.” Yep, that’s it, and there are things in there for you to download. Specifically, these three items are new:

  • AVT498_SyllabusSchedule_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BrochureProject_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BookProject_Spr10.pdf

The other files you can just leave for now. I’ll tell you when it’s time for them.

If you haven’t already, please join Flickr. Once you’ve joined, asked to join the AVT498 group. Then when you have work to post, make sure you “send it” to the Flickr group. Only half of you have gotten there, and you have an exercise due today via that medium. There are 21 posts so far.

Today in class, we’re going to talk about creativity, the creative process, review of the design elements & principles, the design process, creative briefs, concepting, and getting “unstuck” when you’re having a block.