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Focus on the Type

I think we had mostly constructive critiques today. If you disagree and don’t think you got enough advice, or you make changes and want more advice, don’t be shy—post images to the Flickr group and ask for feedback. Be sure to identity who your audience is, and provide any relevant information in the description.

Hopefully, you’re now working on a strong concept and will get busy with the full 12 pages of layout. As you do that, remember that your piece should have some kind of consistency to hold it together, but also have some surprises or variety to keep it interesting. You don’t want every spread to be the same because even in a short brochure it may bore very quickly. Think about how you treat images, color palettes, type.

And speaking of type, for this next round you should really focus on the type. Pick your typefaces appropriately. Don’t mix serifs or sans serifs. Generally speaking, you should pick one family of serif type, one family of sans serif, perhaps a display and/or a script. But even within that, don’t overdo the style usage. Have a reason for why you picked which faces, other than “I like it.” Pay close attention to spacing, margins, columns, widths. Do not place type haphazardly. Make and use paragraph and character style sheets for consistency on styling/formatting; make and use master pages for consistency on folio placement, margins, text box placements, etc.

Don’t forget the details like using only one space after a period or punctuation mark. Download the document “TypeTreatments.pdf” from the Box for some other helpful hints. Review your type book for other details.

Work hard!