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Learning from Design Reviews

I just spent a pleasant 20 minutes reading a post from The Font Feed that reviews and critiques movie posters. The segment is called ScreenFonts, but there is more to the reviews than just talking about the type. I encourage you to read the post, and sign up for the free email newsletter.

Do you know about other sites on the web that has thoughtful design critiques? Post the links in the comments.


Revised Schedules & Today’s Lecture Topics

Given the missed 2 weeks of classes, I have revised the overall semester schedule, as well as the due dates on both the Brochure and Book projects. New PDFs are in the Box.

We have an ambitious schedule today. In addition to discussing your 10 sketches/approaches, I’m hoping to discuss as much of the following as possible:

  • Binding
  • Paper (grades, mills, companies)
  • PDFs (controlling settings)
  • Utilities (software)
  • Type selection (see previous PDF with foundry links)
  • Image selection (see previous PDF with image source links)
  • Photoshop clipping paths (pen tool)
  • Color selection
  • Colorspace for print (process, spot)
  • Printing Processes

For review/reference to the aforementioned topics, the Box contains these documents for you:

  • AVT498_Binding&Paper.pdf
  • AVT498_PDFs+Util+Color+Printing.pdf

And in preparation for our critique on Wednesday, please download and review the critique guidelines and read the articles that are linked therein.

  • AVT498_Critique.pdf

See you soon!

First Day of Class is August 31

Welcome to the Fall 2009 section of AVT 498: Senior Design Project, at George Mason University.

As we progress through the semester, please check this blog regularly. Make it a daily habit or get the RSS feed.

In addition to this blog, I’m instituting another web platform for communication. If you are not already on Flickr, please sign up now. There is a group pool that you need to join, as we will be using it to supplement class critiques. Please request to join the group and I will approve your membership. The comments will be enabled for obvious reasons, and you are welcome to remain a member and comment on student work even after you graduate.

There will be other changes this semester. Stay tuned.