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Getting There

On September 8, we discussed process in some detail. For this class, since you are responsible for creating the content as well as the design, you will have two sets of concurrent and overlapping processes that should work together to communicate your concept and your message.

The writing and content creation process consists of:

  • topic ideas; decision
  • research
  • creative brief
  • more research
  • outline
  • manuscript
  • concept-based copywriting
  • proofread and edit
  • copy edit
  • layout edit, since you can

The design process may go something like this:

  • brainstorm concept; decision/s
  • visual thinking
  • sketch options
  • select; make choices
  • design look and feel
  • analyze
  • plan and map the whole piece
  • full design and layout comps
  • analyze, revise, repeat as necessary
  • prototype, produce
  • disseminate (turn it in!)

Hone your process. It can help you out when you don’t know what to do. If you keep drawing a blank, feed your brain some more. More research = more ideas.


It’s All Good

Thanks for a good first day of class today, everyone. The PDF of the syllabus and schedule are in the BOX, as well as the PDF of the brochure project.

Want to be inspired by design for good? Check these out:

Have more examples? List them in the comments.

Wednesday, bring in your 3 narrowed down topic choices, with potential approaches or solutions. You will present your ideas to the class, and come away with a firm decision for your brochure topic.

And don’t forget the Flickr exercise!

New PDFs in “the Box”

Between hospitals and blizzards, we’ve had some scheduling setbacks. As a recap, on January 27 we talked about some things that I said I would make available via PDF. You’re probably already well into these steps, but see the corresponding files in the box:

  • Research | Process | Map
  • IP and Image Links