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It’s All Good

Thanks for a good first day of class today, everyone. The PDF of the syllabus and schedule are in the BOX, as well as the PDF of the brochure project.

Want to be inspired by design for good? Check these out:

Have more examples? List them in the comments.

Wednesday, bring in your 3 narrowed down topic choices, with potential approaches or solutions. You will present your ideas to the class, and come away with a firm decision for your brochure topic.

And don’t forget the Flickr exercise!


Welcome to Twenty Ten

And welcome to the spring twenty ten blog for AVT498, Senior Design Project. You know why you’re here. This is the last SoA stop before you can graduate, and it will be a fun but challenging ride.

Please check this blog often for supplemental info. Especially for files to download from the box. The “Box” is that gray white widget thing on the right colum. See it? It says “box.” “Files For You.” Yep, that’s it, and there are things in there for you to download. Specifically, these three items are new:

  • AVT498_SyllabusSchedule_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BrochureProject_Spr10.pdf
  • AVT498_BookProject_Spr10.pdf

The other files you can just leave for now. I’ll tell you when it’s time for them.

If you haven’t already, please join Flickr. Once you’ve joined, asked to join the AVT498 group. Then when you have work to post, make sure you “send it” to the Flickr group. Only half of you have gotten there, and you have an exercise due today via that medium. There are 21 posts so far.

Today in class, we’re going to talk about creativity, the creative process, review of the design elements & principles, the design process, creative briefs, concepting, and getting “unstuck” when you’re having a block.

First Day of Class is August 31

Welcome to the Fall 2009 section of AVT 498: Senior Design Project, at George Mason University.

As we progress through the semester, please check this blog regularly. Make it a daily habit or get the RSS feed.

In addition to this blog, I’m instituting another web platform for communication. If you are not already on Flickr, please sign up now. There is a group pool that you need to join, as we will be using it to supplement class critiques. Please request to join the group and I will approve your membership. The comments will be enabled for obvious reasons, and you are welcome to remain a member and comment on student work even after you graduate.

There will be other changes this semester. Stay tuned.