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Selecting and Pairing Typefaces

There are many resources on the web for how to select typefaces, and which typefaces go well together. To summarize some key points:

  • Read the text, understand the design goals, and pick appropriate typefaces.
  • Pick one or two families of type to do most of the “work” of your design (a serif and/or a sans serif).
  • Consider a third as accent type (a display or script face), if needed.
  • Pick robust families if needed, with extended character sets like old style figures, true small caps, fractions, extra ligatures, alternative characters, etc.
  • Do not mix two serif families, or two sans serif families, or two scripts, etc., as they are too close but not the same, and exude an uneasy feeling.
  • Use adjectives to describe what your type looks like, feels like, and make sure it matches up with the objectives of the project.
  • Evaluate your choices: does result/effect match intention/goal?

Two short web articles on choosing fonts are collected here.

Four web resources for pairing fonts are bookmarked here. (Thanks to John Orrand for a couple of these.)

These should help you as you finalize your brochure and complete your Flickr exercise #2. If you know of any other good resources, list them in the comments.

Bodoni and Futura

Bodoni and Futura were the approved Hecht's department store (now defunct) typefaces.